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Christen (SunStarr of the InterWeb) is an expert web content manager & photographer who resides in Canfield, Ohio. She assists others to grow their business via technology. In the early 2000s, Christen acquired a Bachelor’s of Arts In Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Sciences in Information Technology - Multimedia. She graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio with her Bachelor’s degree, and Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio with her Information Technology - Multimedia degree. It is her passion to assist others with anything from technical support to web content editing.
In addition to her educational background, Christen had worked in industries such as banking & insurance, which includes over 20 years of customer service experience both directly & indirectly. Christen has proven to be consistently reliable to her previous clients by receiving awards and alcolades such as “Perfect Attendance Award”.
Christen creates more challenging projects in working with computer software applications. She enjoys photography, networking & working with applications to inspire creativity. In addition, she loves to motivate others to follow their passion. “It is far better to help others to create & manage their own content rather than doing it for them,” she explains.
Past experience and education has taught Christen about various operating systems so she is very familiar using interfaces such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple. Although she is most comfortable (not to mention, favors) working on a Mac, perhaps because of her past experience working as an AppleCare agent and numerous years of using Apple Products.
Last, but not least, she had worked in the Adobe Creative Suite, mostly Dreamweaver, Illustrator, & Photoshop for past projects.
SunStarr looks forward to assisting you to grow your business so it is more visible on the web. SunStarr Outreach “Stay awake. LoVE LiFE. Be epic.” Christen is constantly learning to advance her skills. “The best learning is doing!” she exclaims, “I love to connect with others”. She had previously attended motivational events such as Million Mind Intensive (MMI) and Harmonic Wealth Weekend (HWW) to stay inspired in past years. She has even gone back to such events as a volunteer to help others! It didn’t stop there because the Ultimate Internet BootCamp (UIBC) is what helped launch exactly the work she does today! I work best in technical support - not only with clients of my own, but also as a representative of a software company based in Youngstown, Ohio.

“Bridging the gap between people & technology to enhance the user’s experience one client at a time.”

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Christen looks forward to learn more about you, who knows, perhaps you will cross paths with her one day! Until then, keep shining your light or follow your own star!
Goal-Setting Made Easy
Do you need assistance to achieve your goals now?
It is Christen’s passion to help others to achieve their goals by staying motivated. While we all know it is easy to set goals, achieving goals takes much more! For example, it is taking consistent actions to reach goal-achievement by simply setting yourself up with specific measurable steps to guide you along the way.    
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Love & Light to your continued wealth & HappYness,
Cheers in joy ’n gratitude,
Ciao, SunStarr!

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